Webinar: Does your business need Sage Intacct?

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Sage Intacct is an accounting solution that meets your business needs today, tomorrow and in the future.

From the past year, we have learnt a lot about the way businesses operate. From their company structure, processes and back-office systems, everything has been open to reevaluation. Many companies have now made the move to complete remote working and others have welcomed cloud systems with open arms.

While right now might not be the time to implement big changes, it is the time to start planning for them.

This is where our recurring webinar series comes in! At Smith Cooper, we want to ensure that no one misses out on experiencing and understanding the innovative world of Sage Intacct.

In order to do so, we are hosting a series of two different webinars. One series will focus on businesses within the professional services, while the other will focus on those categorised as nonprofits.

Each Sage Intacct webinar series will be recurring every week, giving you the opportunity to take full advantage of the information on offer. Every week our dedicated Sage Intacct specialist will highlight the benefits of Sage Intacct and how it is different from other solutions in the market.

The webinars will begin from November 18th and will reoccur weekly at 10:00 and 14:30. The Sage Intacct webinar will highlight:

  • How Sage Intacct is suited to a range to each industry
  • How it differs from other Sage Solutions
  • The five pillars of Sage Intacct
  • High-Level Product Demo with a Q&A

This webinar series has now ended. To access a recording of either event click the buttons below.

If you have difficulty accessing the recording or have any questions please email sagemarketing@smithcooper.co.uk.